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Preschool – Kindergarten

A child’s attitude toward learning is established during the first years of school. When these early years bring pleasure and satisfaction, a child is more likely to enjoy academic success. Our curriculum provides a strong foundation in basic skills and offers opportunities for social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.


Lower School

During the elementary school years, a few things are very important:

  • Small, intimate classes
  • The teacher’s personalized guidance
  • An atmosphere of warmth and kindness
  • Academic excellence

MCCS has planned and designed a program with a focus on these details. Students engage in hands-on learning in a safe, nurturing environment led by qualified, committed teachers.


Middle School

The middle school provides an atmosphere of reassurance and stability for students in a period of growth and change. These young people will explore greater independence and the responsibility that goes with it. The faculty guides students through these transitional years with a goal of fulfilling each student’s potential.


The basic curriculum of Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Science, Physical Education, and Bible is enhanced with a variety of electives, honors courses, and classroom rotations. Student progress is monitored by each classroom teacher, who maintains close contact with both students and parents.

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