School Tuition
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The cost for enrolling a student at Mount Carmel Christian School involves both tuition and fees:


Fee Schedule

(All fees are non-refundable)


1.  New Student Application Fee (per student: includes new student testing)                 $100.00

2.  Registration Fee   -All new students & current students after March 25th                   $225.00 

3.  *Activity/Book Fees -Due with registration                                                                  

                                            -Pre-K to 8th grade                                                                             $350.00


When a student enrolls at MCCS a place is reserved for the entire school year. Early withdrawal fees will apply if a student is withdrawn after the time of enrollment (this means the day you register).



Payment Plans

(Tuition payments for monthly plan will be administered by FACTS Tuition Management Company)


Monthly:           Ten payments due monthly, from June 2017 to March 2018 – Bank draft required 

Quarterly:         Four payments due June 2017; September 2017; December 2017; March 2018

Yearly:               25% due June 2017 - Balance due August 2017



logo factsHelping families manage costs with monthly tuition payments, while improving your school’s financial stability. FACTS can also bill families for incidental fees outside of tuition costs that are incurred throughout the year. Monthly payment plans require families to sign up with FACTS Management, although any pay plan can set up an account for online or credit card payments for a small fee. Sign in here...



School Tuition

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Earn $500.0 in tuition credit!

$500 tuition discount for each family recruited.






This fee covers curriculum, day field trips, book rental, class parties, yearbook, PTO dues and school supplies. Preschool and Kindergarten fee includes a t-shirt. 




***SUPPORT PROGRAMS may be available at an additional cost based on student testing, parental support, program director's assessment, and administrator approval.


Discount: Full tuition for the oldest child and $250 annual discount for each additional child.    


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