Jayden Matthews

When it comes time for a first-born child to go to school for the first time, every parent has more than a few moments of apprehension as they hand their child over to a school they might not be familiar and a teacher they do not know.

I experienced these feelings of concern when it was time for my son Jayden to go to school and how concerned I was with making sure that his environment at home matched the one he would have at school.

Being prior at another school, I knew that my son Jayden would eventually adapt to the change, but what I was not prepared for was how smoothly it would happen. At the time his teacher, Mrs. Jordan, aftercare director Audrey Minter welcomed Jayden, and the rest of the class, to the school with open arms that let the children know from the start that Mount Carmel Christian School would be a enchanted place where they would learn, laugh, grow and flourish in Christ.

Jayden and I both fell in love with Mount Carmel Christian School the first day of the class.

And I, as a single parent, am so thankful to have found such a loving and professional environment as MCCS. Not only did I get the sense that his classroom would be a safe and caring environment, but the entire school passion for education gave us the confidence that his classroom would be a great place of learning.


I believe that the really great educators and lunch staff are the ones who have a true love for the profession and I believe MCCS has a true love for teaching and excellence. In Jayden’s current year at MCCS I am grateful to have had Mrs. Lauriette Johnson as his teacher who noticed that Jayden had problems seeing properly. He would mark what would be correct answers on the wrong line. She recommended that he was seen by an optometrist and it was confirmed that he needed eye therapy.

Mrs. Johnson and the entire MCCS staff has filled my son Jayden with a passion for learning, confidence that he can accomplish anything that he puts his mind to and, I believe, has started him on a great path that can lead him to great places.

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