Chloe & Brooke Teeter

My oldest daughter Chloe was transitioning from another private school and I was searching for a Christian environment in line with our beliefs and values.  I began the ‘road show’ and toured a number of Christian schools recommended by friends.  After visiting several schools, I still felt that something was missing…until I toured Mount Carmel Christian School.  From the moment I entered the Main Office, I could feel God’s presence.  The office staff, Principal, and teachers that I met had such sweet spirits, until I was confident that the Spirit of God reigned in that place.  Not long after my tour, my daughter visited on 2 separate occasions and was welcomed by a host of people that would soon become her extended family.  We had an amazing first year at Mount Carmel! Chloe greatly benefited from the smaller class sizes.  Chloe had great teachers who were invested in her education and overall wellbeing.  In addition to core classes, Chloe learned God’s word in her Bible class, continued with foreign language concepts in her Spanish class, and maintained a healthy lifestyle through the rigorous Physical Education program.  This school year, my youngest daughter Brooke officially joined the Mount Carmel family via the Pre-Kindergarten class.  I say ‘officially’ as everyone has always made Brooke feel a part of the school family before she was enrolled.  Each afternoon affords me the opportunity to hear all of the wonderful things my girls have learned at Mount Carmel.  I am extremely pleased with their educational instruction and would highly recommend Mount Carmel Christian School to anyone looking for a loving Christian environment.


Karen Teeter

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