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What is so great about Mt. Carmel Christian School?


Often times, this is one of the first questions a parent will ask themselves when looking for the right fit for their child for their education. This question of course has many other underlying inquiries such as, “how large are the classrooms?” “Is there individual learning?”  and a big one, “is it worth the money?” 


As a parent myself, I had all the same questions when my husband and I started looking for a private school to transition our then 5th grader who was enrolled in public school. We wanted our son to have a small classroom setting, individualized learning, Christian-based, and of course within our budget.  When we began our search, I didn’t know anything about most of the private schools in the surrounding Dekalb/Gwinett area, I only knew their names or we had passed by on our way to someplace else.  We started our visits to each one that was in our vicinity and Mt. Carmel was last on our list.  When we arrived, we were initially impressed that this particular private school had the look and feel of a normal school environment. Some of the others we visited made us feel like our son would be inside a church setting all day and not a classroom setting. The entire staff was so welcoming when we arrived. We didn’t feel like anyone was going above or beyond to impress us, they were just being themselves and it came across.  We talked about all of our concerns and every answer was as expected, truthful and detailed.


We enrolled our son Matthew to begin his 6th grade year.  Coming from public to private was a huge transition for our son.  He was behind on almost every subject in comparison to the other kids. This was picked up on right away and all of his teachers engaged us on a plan to get him up to speed. It was truly an amazing journey. Our son was frustrated at times and it was a lot of hard work from the entire staff. Many teachers came early and stayed late to help our son. We were even given websites, extra workbooks and most of all, our son got daily confirmation from all of his teachers that he was worth it and they encouraged him every day. A struggle turned into a testimony.  Matthew graduated from Mt. Carmel and by the time he entered into the 8th grade he had so much confidence in himself. He learned how to stand up and present and speak to others, how to help other classmates and work together.

Matthew is now in a public charter high school in Dekalb County and his first semester was completed with ease with all the tools he was provided from Mt. Carmel. He was well advanced from his peers in Math, History and Science. Everything he was covering he had seen many times in his middle school classes at Mt. Carmel. Our son went from a struggling student to having a 3.5 GPA his first semester in high school. His experiences were so positive at Mt. Carmel that he continues to carry them in his heart and he is always trying to find time in his schedule to come back and visit the many teachers that have made a difference in his life.


If you are looking for a school that is focused on your child’s individual learning, character building and exposure to so many cultural experiences that you would not find in public school, you should definitely consider Mt. Carmel Christian School.


This family will be Mt. Carmel Eagles for Life!


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